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If an Automotive OEM Supplier Builds a Landing Page, They Will Come

If an Automotive OEM Supplier Builds a Landing Page, They Will Come

Custom landing pages are essential to every online marketing campaign.

When Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams built a baseball field in his cornfield, it attracted Shoeless Joe Jackson and other players from the great beyond. Pretty good for a farmer in Iowa. And a lesson for digital marketers everywhere: if you build a unique destination, with a specific purpose in mind, customers will follow—and convert.

Every automotive OEM supplier has a website. They spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to their homepage. But that’s not enough. The destination has to entice your prospect out of the cornfield and into your sales funnel. That’s the sole purpose of an effective landing page.

A good landing page stands alone.

When you click on any digital marketing, such as an e-newsletter, banner ad or search ad, you’re often sent to a website’s homepage. However, this type of page is not targeted to the person who just clicked on your digital marketing unit. Home pages are designed to showcase your brand from a high level, with many links that encourage exploration. Instead, build an effective landing page. This is a standalone page on your website directed to your target audience, only accessible from the link you provide. A good landing page matches the online ad message that led to the previous click, and is focused on your unique selling proposition.

According to The Landing Page Course, “Landing pages live separately from your website and are designed to only receive campaign traffic. This separation allows them to be focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporting and testing a simpler task.”

Automotive suppliers can use landing pages to generate leads or click-throughs for almost any campaign objective:

  • An email newsletter signup
  • A limited-time offer
  • A white paper download
  • An event registration
  • A pre-launch signup

Here’s a landing page that gets right to the point.

Throw your pitch right down the middle.

Your landing page should look and feel like your brand. It should have a compelling headline that gets right to the point. Supporting copy that explains the benefits to your audience. And an unmissable call-to-action. This is the most critical thing on the landing page. Make it a big, bold and bodacious button that is there for all the world to see (even on mobile). Don’t use the word “Submit.” Nobody wants to submit. Use something more descriptive and powerful. Like Get Started, Find Out More, Download Now or Send Me Info. This is your big chance. Every conversion starts with a simple click.

This is where the magic happens.

The landing page is the place where your prospects actually volunteer to learn more. They opt in to receive a sales call. They go further in the sales funnel. And you generate revenue. Once you build an effective landing page, they will come. And if you do some A/B testing and keep improving it, your prospects will come in droves. Just like all those cars that lined up outside that baseball field in Iowa.

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