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At Your Automotive OEM Supplier, Every Employee is a Brand Ambassador

At Your Automotive OEM Supplier, Every Employee is a Brand Ambassador

Each person in your company can help attract more sales prospects.

If I said you could significantly multiply the reach of your marketing efforts at virtually no cost, you might think I’m nuts.

If I told you the way to do it would yield more engaged prospects, you’d think it’s too good to be true.

But consider this: You have plenty of free marketing channels available to you.

They’re called employees.

And they’re invaluable to getting your brand messaging out to the masses.

Your company’s employees are all individual social networks that can significantly extend your message beyond conventional communication channels.

Most likely, you use your LinkedIn corporate page to share brand messaging with your company’s followers.

Research shows that en masse, employees have ten times the number of total LinkedIn connections their company does. Plus, you don’t have to pay them to post company messages. All it takes is a bit of their time.

There, you just increased your reach absolutely free.

LinkedIn data also shows that content shared by employees generates twice the engagement of content from a company page. The reason for this is simple: trust. People who make business decisions are scared to make a bad one because their job is on the line. A study called the Edelman Trust Barometer basically states that on any given topic, people trust people just like themselves in making business decisions. Validation from peers and experts instills in them a level of trust necessary to feel good about a buying decision. They get that from people, not from organizations. Putting people in the lead position leads to increased engagement.

is this form of brand communication implemented?

Start with your content assets. No doubt, some people in your organization would be considered industry experts (validation from those in the know is crucial, remember?). They should be creating content as thought leaders. The fact that they work at your company makes your company a thought leader, too.

It’s worth the effort to create a blog with the content, and push it out on your corporate LinkedIn page. Then, add the multiplier – a.k.a., your employees. Make sure they’re pushing out the same content in their networks (validation from peers) where the data shows greater reach, and where engagement lies.

Prospective buyers in all industries want to hear from trusted sources. It’s human nature. We trust people. You’ve got people. Get them involved in sending out your brand messages.
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